Alleged Qld murderer ‘played the victim’

Lindy Yvonne Williams portrayed herself as a victim of George Gerbic’s violence to cover up her intention to kill him, the prosecution in her murder trial alleges.


Williams, 60, has admitted dumping Mr Gerbic’s torso on the side of a road and setting it alight 80km from their Sunshine Coast home in September 2013.

But she has denied deliberately killing him and cutting off his head, hands and legs.

Williams has claimed Mr Gerbic hit his head on a kitchen benchtop after slipping on blood from a cut on her arm he had inflicted as she tried to defend herself during a fight.

“‘George attacked me.’ He might have ended up with his head cut off, his hands removed, the lower half of his body removed … but ‘I’m the victim in all of this’,” crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC said.

“George Gerbic was the victim.”

Determining the cause of Mr Gerbic’s death has been impossible given only his charred torso had been located.

The removal of his body parts indicated there was an attempt to cover up his murder, Mr Fuller said.

“The means by which his body was disposed of can lead to only one conclusion – that he suffered a violent death,” Mr Fuller said in his closing submission.

“That his death was done with intention to cause it or cause him a serious injury.

“She can’t explain the way George was dismembered because … she was involved in his death.”

Williams told police after seeing Mr Gerbic slip, she locked herself in a bedroom, emerging the next day to see him on the kitchen floor.

She said she left and returned two days later to find his body missing its head, legs and hands wrapped in plastic in a bathroom – a claim Mr Fuller described as a “most outrageous lie”.

She has denied cutting up his body and said she did not know who did.

The court has heard throughout the trial Williams attempted to cover up her partner’s death by telling friends and relatives he was overseas.

Emails and texts were sent from Mr Gerbic’s accounts after he died to give false updates of his well-being and whereabouts, which Mr Fuller argues were sent by Williams.

“This woman here for 10 months was manipulative, calculating and engaged in a whole episode, with family, with friends, with acquaintances, all to carry out the subterfuge because of what she did,” Mr Fuller said.

Mr Fuller said her claim to friends and police about Mr Gerbic being bisexual, which could not be verified by investigators, was to portray him as “driven to violence”.

Defence lawyer Simon Lewis will give his closing statement on Wednesday.